Maison de Soma is a restaurant nestled within a farm, showcasing the richness of the Laurentian territory through culinary exploration and dedicated agriculture. Our seasonal dishes are crafted from ingredients sourced from our diverse production and enhanced by foraged forest treasures. Indulge in our gourmet dining, savour our gastro brunches, or delve into our curated range of transformed products.

At the heart of Quebec's terroir, Maison de Soma is an ode to nature and its unwavering rhythm. We explore the territory, passionately cultivating on our lands and delicately foraging in our forests. More than a place, it's an invitation to discover a culinary identity true to our essence, emergent and authentic. Each dish, each flavor is the fruit of honored seasons, of time given to the earth to yield its best and to food to transform. It's also a recognition of patient toil, where some ingredients take months to unveil their true grandeur. Nestled between Mont-Blanc and Mont-Tremblant, the view stretches over agricultural plots, Lake Maskinongé, and the mountains, adding a sensory dimension to this communion with time and rural Quebec nature.